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How To Network As A Twitch Streamer


It’s rough as a noobie streamer, just starting out with 0 followers. But don’t get tempted to do the dreaded Follow for Follow or F4F tactic to bring up your follower count. While this method is OK for the short-term, don’t expect that this will work for the long run if you really want to grow your audience. You need to learn how to network properly and effectively.

Following these methods is not as quick and easy like F4F, but it’s the right way on how to improve yourself as a small streamer. When you take the time and effort to do things the right way, it will eventually pay off. 

How To Get Your Twitch Affiliate In 30 Days


Updated in July 10, 2018 due to new changes about lurking.

So you want to get that fancy Subscription button to your Twitch channel, huh?

It’s one step closer to getting Partnered and the requirements are super achievable to do. To achieve your Affiliate, you just need to meet the following:

  • 500 minutes (8 hours)
  • 3 average viewers
  • 7 Unique Days

Watch the Jempanada stream!