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Starter streaming setup

Below is literally all of my equipment when I first started streaming on Twitch in 2017. It was super basic and simple, since it’s all that I had and could afford. 

  • PlayStation 4 console – I’m sure that if you’re a gamer, you already have this. You can easily stream from the Twitch app, even without a camera.
  • Afterglow Level 1 headset – I used the generic PlayStation 4 earbud that came with the console, but eventually that broke. Since I didn’t have time to do my research, I just grabbed the most affordable one which was this headset!
  • PlayStation 4 Camera – Unfortunately, you can’t connect a regular USB camera to your PS4, so you would have to buy this camera. However, you can also get the newer model, which is compatible for PSVR if you plan on getting that too.
  • Samsung Chromebook – Since I disabled the chat view feature when I was streaming, I relied on my Chromebook for my chat so I don’t miss anything.
  • Avantree Folding Lap Desk – And since I was just sitting on the edge of my bed to play, it was annoying to view my laptop so low from me, so I got this lap desk to elevate it. Plus I was able to place a drink and some snacks while I streamed 🙂

Current Streaming Setup

*Coming soon*
I need to flesh out the details on this, but I will share my current streaming setup here!





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