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#04 – Private daily blogging is helping my mental health A rekindled hobby during quarantine

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A lot has happened in the last few months.

That’s pretty much my quarantine in a nutshell. There’s so much that’s happening that sometimes the things that I want to write or rant on Twitter isn’t something that I want to share publicly.

I finally looked into an app that would cover a lot of things, and discovered Journey.

I wanted an app that would keep the memories if I took photos, allow me to log multiple entries, a mood tracker, and some bonus stuff like geolocation & weather.

Honestly, it’s been helping me a lot and even though there’s stuff that I can’t share with you all here, it’s keeping me sane knowing that I can write things out somewhere and it wouldn’t be lost.

So if you’re bit of a writer, but don’t feel like creating a private Twitter or want upload photos but not on Instagram or social, this is would be a good app. I’ve started it 2 weeks ago and even though it’s not every day, at least I take a moment to just write whenever I feel like it on this app.

Here’s my referral link to the Journey app if you decide to try the premium version which I’m currently using so I can get all little more features like cloud storage, integrate my Google Fit, the ability to export, and so much more.

I hope all of you are doing well doing this pandemic and hopefully I’ll slowly come back to streams and blogging in the upcoming weeks.


She is a community and customer service manager for a gaming publisher in New York City. She started her gaming journey as a Twitch streamer in 2016 and studied SEO, marketing, and community management to break into the gaming industry.

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