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Report Campo Santo’s Firewatch Blazed My Heart

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Disclaimer: This article contains *SPOILERS*.  I recommend finish playing the game before continuing.  Otherwise, prepare for some in-game secrets or secrets within the game!

Every summer, I always tune into E3 announcements either through live stream or finding video clips for upcoming games and other exciting gaming news.  Then this trailer came on my screen:

The graphics absolutely stunned me.  The setting captured me because it was in nature, not some intergalactic or ancient cliche scene like usual.  It was here on Earth, in America, in a present setting (sort of). The gameplay is in first-person view, no weapons, just a radio, a map, and a compass.  It was different.  I could already figure it out that it’s story-based game with a couple of point-and-click interactions.  It was a breath of fresh (forest) air.

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