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#05 – My 2020 Goals | This is going to be a good year (for my brand)

NOTE: I wrote this waaay before the pandemic happened and then I updated it just before I started to move. I just wanted to put this out in the world and see if anything happens now. LOL

There’s just something in my bones that feels like there’s going to be a lot of good positive changes for my brand. The three platforms that I want to grow this year are my blog, Twitch, and YouTube. More or less in that order.


  • 40000 watch hours
  • Post 1 video per month
  • Edit and share my Kingdom Hearts 3 critical mode run


  • Revamp the theme
  • Update the resources page on a monthly basis
  • Create 2 new posts every month
  • Niche down to community management, streaming, and social media


  • Stream once a week
  • Build an audience of 30-40 viewers

They look like simple goals, but it is really hard for someone like me with a full-time job. But now with this whole coronavirus being claimed as a pandemic, things are going to drastically change again. Crossing fingers that these goals aren’t completely hindered.

We’ll see how it goes for the next couple of months!


She is a community and customer service manager for a gaming publisher in New York City. She started her gaming journey as a Twitch streamer in 2016 and studied SEO, marketing, and community management to break into the gaming industry.

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