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#03 – LIFE UPDATE: Changes are happening

If you’re coming from Twitter, HIIIIIIII. If you’re reading this long after March 6, welp, hello future reader!

As you can see from the headline, there’s been a lot of changes happening within my life. Not just from streaming, but also personal life. I’ll start with streaming and my career…

I miss streaming so much. I absolutely do. I started streaming because I loved gaming and the whole live interaction with it. And since I was still waiting for more news about Kingdom Hearts 3, it just made sense that my content should be focused on my favorite franchise. I built my community because of it and met so many amazing people. But to be honest, streaming was the gateway into getting this career. It was either do part-time then go into full-time streaming when I was financially secure or use this as a way to get into the gaming industry. As most of you all know, I’ve achieved the latter.

Since working full-time in the industry, it’s been a learning experience and an exhausting one too. My company is still new, and every person is working hard to get shit done. But because of this, it has been mentally draining, which leads me to just wanting to bum around as soon as I get home. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job. It’s all good stress, and I’m learning so much about myself, from my coworkers, from my managers, and all the people that we’re partnered with. It’s been a dream come true to be working with so many veterans but yet we’re all entering a new era of gaming. A new generation. And I’m a part of it now.

After attending E3 2019, I was reminded that attending the event was one of the reasons WHY I wanted to get into the industry. To finally attend E3 as an industry member. (And this was all before they opened it to the public). Ever since then… I’ve been content with my life.

  • I got my dream job
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 finally released early in 2019.
  • And I worked my ass off to finally attend one of the biggest gaming events, E3

I’ve reached all these huge life milestones, where do I go from here? Now to explain what’s happening with my personal life…

Just days before Christmas, I lost my grandma. It was something that I was expecting to happen years ago, and I was mentally prepared for it. But even when it finally happened, it was a shock. I’ve attended funerals before with distant family members, but this was the first major death within my immediate family. The last time I saw her was after Thanksgiving and looking at her was one of the hardest things I had to do. I knew it was coming soon. I was hoping it would be after Christmas so I could’ve at least spent some time with her on Christmas eve or day. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but after a long and big family meeting, we eventually came to an agreement that I should move back, and honestly, I wasn’t against it. I wanted a fresh new start. Luis also wanted a fresh new start. So it just made sense. We’re going to move with my family, however…

In January, I was still grieving and work was a helpful distraction during that time. Then we had an off-site work trip to Seattle. Had an amazing time but we were also working VERY HARD to make sure our beta for Disintegration was a successful one and it did!

Then February came by and it was all a blur. I spent more time with my family because my grandma’s birthday was on groundhog’s day and then shortly after I visited my best friend on my birthday weekend. Then as soon I came back, it was back to prepping for PAX East and then PAX East happened. So as you can see, I haven’t had time to really just decompress for myself or even think about streaming.

And now we’re already here in March. Which means it’s packing month. I’ll be moving back with my family by the end of this month. Tonight, I really wanted to boot up OBS and just have a nice little chat on Twitch and play some Pokemon to talk about all this, but as always, things weren’t syncing, updates messed up on settings, so it was just a sign.

So here we are. Lots of changes. So will I stream again? Possibly! But I don’t think it will happen any time soon.

In the meantime, it probably means more blog posts? Since writing is easier to do. Then eventually maybe more YouTube videos? Some quick vlogs from my phone? Who knows!?

But as of right now, I’m going through a lot. And I appreciate every single one of you for understanding. If you’re still subbed to my stream, I totally understand if you’re going to cancel. Use it another great streamer who is more consistent than me, lol.

Maybe once I’m finally settled in my new place, I’ll throw a big celebration stream of my return and I hope that I will see all you there <3

The Bodega is still around. 24 hours. Just don’t forget to pet the kitty.

With love,
~Mama Jempanada aka Jemellee


She is a community and customer service manager for a gaming publisher in New York City. She started her gaming journey as a Twitch streamer in 2016 and studied SEO, marketing, and community management to break into the gaming industry.

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