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#10 – I’ve been streaming on Twitch for 3 years!

I honestly can’t believe that I’ve been on this platform for 3 years now. Even though I haven’t been as active as I used to be in the beginning, I’m still very much active in the community by watching my other streamer friends, interacting with friends on Twitter, and watching their YouTube content.

When I checked my calendar after I pushed my recent quarantine vlog video, I was reminded that August 17 was the day I became a Twitch Affiliiate. So in honor of this feat, I did a surprise stream by playing some Fall Guys.

I still haven’t won the crown yet, but hopefully I will get there. I don’t want to be like TimTheTatMan LOL

I hope you enjoy this quick update and enjoy this fun video. I made this for my Bodega Fam as a thank you for supporting me and getting a taste of what it’s like to watch me horribly fail at most games.



If you all want to know how I got started with Twitch streaming, let me know in the comments and I’ll probably write another blog or create a video about my humble beginnings!


She is a community and customer service manager for a gaming publisher in New York City. She started her gaming journey as a Twitch streamer in 2016 and studied SEO, marketing, and community management to break into the gaming industry.

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