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Everything that I write in is my own personal thoughts, opinions, and reviews. I take responsibility of my own stupidity and mistakes that I may post here, cus sometimes I say some shit or put up a typo. (I’M ONLY HUMAN, OKAY?!) So I’ll do the best I can to correct and redeem myself from embarrassment. My content belongs to me and if anyone tries to copy it without written permission, will get in troubleeeee.

I am not a professional, but whatever advice or any other informative details I provide, I am not held responsible for any results that you make out of it when you follow them.

Also, some of the links that are in my posts may be affiliate links and I will receive a small portion of the purchase that you make. Such as being an Amazon Associate, which I earn from qualifying purchases. These earnings will go towards to my blog to stay up and running, which also allows the right for me to change the look, feel, sounds, tastes, and smells of my own blog.

Finally, if you sign up for any freebies or courses that I may provide, I promise to not sell or share your information. This is only for my use to provide updates, emails, and other cool things that I want to tell you.

If there’s any issues or concerns about all of this, feel free to email me hey[at]jempanada[dot]com or through my Contact page.


Thanks for the help, Raelyn Tan and Website Policies!

Published on October 16, 2017 – Updated on July 18, 2018

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