How I’m Achieving My Short-Terms 2017 Goals

There are a couple of goals that I would love to achieve before the end of 2017. Even though I’ve achieved my Affiliate status already, I’m still considered to be a small time streamer. I’m all about social media and I hope they all coincide with one another to get where I want to be before 2018 comes around.

Here are my goals for all my social channels and how I am going to start achieving them.

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Review: Destiny Strange Coin Medallion Necklace


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links so if you click on the product link, I will receive a small commission if you purchase it! All reviews are my personal opinion and some others may vary. With all the hype of Destiny 2, I realized that I don’t have enough apparel to show my love for … Read more

How To Get Emotes In Your Twitch Channel Using BETTERTTV

How To Get Emotes In Your Twitch Channel Using BETTERTTV in black text with the BETTERTTV logo in the gray background

Ever wonder how some Twitch users have emotes but they aren’t Partnered? Or they’re Affiliated but they have more than 3? That’s because they’re using a cool plugin, BETTERTTV, to do that! If you’re new to streaming or want to know how to get more emotes in your channel, then let me show you how … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Become A Twitch Streamer


For those who are thinking about becoming a streamer or have already started streaming, you’re going to need to hear this. You think that setting up a camera, playing some video games, and chatting with the viewers sounds like the life, right? But you need to ask yourself why do you want to stream? Do you … Read more

What I Fear About Streaming: Trolls

Jempanada's Streaming Fears - Trolls

Welcome to my newest blog series about my thoughts and experiences about streaming on Twitch. Every month will be a new theme with a new topic every week. In the spirit of October, I’ll be addressing my fears about streaming. This week’s topic is dealing with trolls. These Aren’t Your Favorite 90’s Troll Toys You’re … Read more