52 Game Reviews: 09 Bouncy Cloud

Welcome to Jempanada’s 52 Game Review! Every week, I review an app game that’s free or under $2 that can be easily downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store, or SONY store.

Sorry, I’ve been so MIA lately! The holidays are always a crazy time, and I had just recently moved so settling in took longer than I expected. Despite all of this, I have found and played some new game/apps, so now I’m ready to review them!

I had just recently created an Instagram for Jempanada and I thought posting a glimpse of my nerdy lifestyle would be relatable to all of us nerds. If you want to follow, it’s @jempanada3 just like my Twitter and Pinterest. Following into this, I actually found this app game through Instagram.

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Dear David Prowse

Dear David Prowse,

Mr. David Prowse, as any other bored American these days, I browsed around what was newly added to my Netflix feed. While I was scrolling around through different TV shows, indie movies, and obscure animal videos, I came across the documentary, “I Am Your Father” and I immediately added it to my list. My boyfriend, Luis, is a huge Darth Vader fan, so this was something that I had to patiently wait and watch with him. How huge of a fan he is, you ask? He loves Star Wars so much, especially Darth Vader, to which he has a tattoo sleeve on his left forearm of the infamous sci-fi villain which also includes the Death Star.

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52 Game Reviews: 08 All Twisted Around and Parallyzed

Welcome to Jempanada’s 52 Game Reviews! Every week, I review a free app game or can be purchased under $2 which can be easily downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store, or SONY store.

Here’s a little thing that I found in the Featured section of the Google Play store. From the indie developers Double Coconut and Koreez, they have combined forces to make this very twisted and complicated platform game. I was very intrigued with the trailer which you can watch below:

Here’s a quick synopsis for the people who rather read than watch the Parallyzed trailer. We are introduced to Red, the sister who represents fire, rage, and blood. Then we meet Blue, the smaller sister who represents the sky, ocean, and dreams. Because of this, Red is jealous of her little sister as most people prefer Blue over her. One day, it seems that Red had accidently hurt her leaving her in a coma. So in order to get her back, she has to find the keys and avoid certain obstacles to get to her back home.

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