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jempanada selfie with purple undercut short hair

Sup everyone! The name’s Jempanada

Hi Impact. I’m a Twitch affiliate, blogger, and hoarder of Stitch merch.

I’ve been streaming since July 2017 and it has been a bumpy ride so far. Started live streaming directly through my console with just my headset, PS4 camera, Google Chromebook, and my enthusiasm to chat with new viewers. Earned my sub button on August 2017, and then later upgraded to PC streaming in February 2018.

I’m a huge Kingdom Hearts fan and I love to discover new indie games so that’s what you’ll find at my Twitch streams. However, I love to write and helping other streamers who are struggling to find their audience in the streaming platform, so I provide some #TwitchTips based on my own experience.

Streaming is not for everyone, but I do believe in the people that want to take it to the next level. If you want to learn how to network, use social media, and try to stand out from the over saturated games, then I’m your gal to help you in your own path.

Partnered with StreamElements, manage the Facebook group, Twitch Connect, with over 5k members, and part of the Discord Hype Squad

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and if you want join my Bodega Family, hop into my Discord server.

For serious inquiries such as writing a blog post for your site or live streaming your indie game, please email at hey[at]jempanada[dot]com or head over to the Contact page.

See ya latorrr! 💜

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