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Published January 1, 2019

Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash

Hey guys!

It’s been a freakin while since I’ve posted here. I wanted to take some time to talk about my whole entire year of 2018 and my plans for 2019. SO HERE WE GO.

My initial goal for this blog was to help and make this a resource for new streamers trying to get into Twitch. But since I’m always a hot mess and like to pile a ton of different projects at once, I lose focus.

My bad.

I also tried to make a YouTube video for my Year in Review, but then I just remembered how sucky I am with video recording nor do I have the time to do all the editing, so HERE’S A BLOG POST INSTEAD. (I’m better with words, so I hope you guys don’t mind reading).


I started 2018 in one of the suckiest ways possible: unemployed. I was broken, lost, and depressed.

It was a rough period in my life as I’ve never been laid off before, and I was getting all frustrated with all my job interviews because I had no responses or received crappy offers that was given to me. (I had one offer for a unpaid internship at a marketing agency and that was not going to end well for me).

Then on February 9th, on my birthday, I got a phone call that I got an offer for a customer service job. I was super relieved, I finally could work again and no longer had to worry about paying rent anymore.

But a few months into this job, it made me realize that I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy where I was in my career, I was in an industry that didn’t excite me, and I knew that I could do so much better. Obviously, I didn’t quit right away because I have bills to pay, so right after work, I was trying to focus more on my streaming and my blog.

Streaming + Twitch Con

Throughout the spring and summer of 2018, streaming became my priority. It pretty much took over my life because 1. I was either going to make streaming a full-time gig to get out of my current job or 2. Use this as a portfolio to find a better job in an industry where I’m happier whether it be in gaming or marketing.

Man, did I work my butt off. Like seriously, I was always thinking about the next blog post, or the next streaming day, or what can I do to make sure I keep up with social media. However, as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I piled up too many projects at once, that I got overwhelmed. I would be halfway done with one thing, and then I would start a brand new thing.

But think that’s okay, but I was trying to figure out what clicked. Just figuring out what clicked and made things natural for me. Even though I never completed a project, I was still exploring around.

I was already on my 2 year managing TwitchConnect but I think the one that really gave me validation of my stream was KeybladeSarah. She gave me the hope and assurance that I can make it as a Twitch streamer with Kingdom Hearts, especially with all the hype surrounding Kingdom Hearts 3. SO THANK YOU SARAH FOR EVERYTHING.

Then in October, I went to my first TwitchCon in San Jose. With all the friends that I made in the last month or so, it was amazing to meet all the people I have befriended through the internet. It felt surreal and was amazing to know that they were the same people that I joked around with.

Attending this event was another assurance that I can definitely make it. I have a brand new friend group from all over the country and the world. We all share the same passion in just entertaining people with our love for video games or whatever talent they can stream.

Not everyone will understand why we do this, but I’m glad that I have met people that does. And if it wasn’t for my community and my support group, I would never had thought this would come true this year…

Landing My Dream Job

I GOT MY DREAM JOB, Y’ALL! For years, I’ve been trying to find different ways to break into the industry. Whether it be for coding, some artist work, or writing stories for video games, I knew I just wanted to be in this industry.

Streaming was the next best thing and who knew that it could help me along the way. In fact, it was a recruiter who reached out to me on LinkedIn that said they were looking for someone with my expertise: customer service AND community management.

When I read the job description, I couldn’t believe that I had all the qualifications they were looking for. I had never seen a job application where I literally could say mostly yes to everything. It was as if the the position was made for me.

After a grueling 3 months of phone calls, interviews, and simply waiting, I was absolutely elated to learn that I was given the position.

You’re looking at the newest Assistant Community and Customer Service Manager for Private Division, an independent gaming label under Take-Two Interactive. So if you didn’t catch the 2018 Game Awards, I’ll be assisting and working closely with teams for The Outer Worlds and Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

So keep an eye out for these games in 2019!

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