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Published August 22, 2018

Hey, hi, hello! Thanks for reading this. *Please ignore the long hair in the photo, I chopped it off a long time ago* 😜

Well, my name is Jempanada, but you can call me Jem. And I’m a blogging streamer!


So I’ve had my blog for a while now and this was created because I wanted to have a place to write about all my thoughts as a nerd but more importantly, as a streamer.

This is my place to be a nerd about movies, TV shows, and all the stuff in-between of pop culture. But I’m more than just what you see on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I am a human being that has opinions, likes, and dislikes. So things that I don’t feel isn’t appropriate or lengthy for me to go into detail for social, I would just throw it here.

But mainly, I did start this to make it a place to write helpful posts for streamers like me. Those who are struggling to start streaming with just a console and a Chromebook. Or helping out those people who have no clue how to network with other people. Or even just how to get their Twitch affiliate. It’s just in my nature to help others, so it just makes sense for me to create this blog not just for me, but for other people.

I’m not an expert, I’m just an ordinary person like you. Everything that I’m sharing are just based on my own knowledge, common sense, and my personal findings by researching topics aka GOOGLING REALLY HARD.


Another reason why I started this blog was because I was having a hard time finding a reliable source to get me started into streaming. At least WRITTEN resources. I only found articles like Tom’s Guide, CNET, or WikiHow, but it didn’t feel real to me. It felt like they just threw a reporter to give it a shot, and asked them to write about how they did it.

I did find TONS of videos, but I didn’t have the time to watch every single video. I couldn’t find a worthy streamer giving their advice because I couldn’t pay attention when they talked. Probably the only two videos that I felt a good connection about streaming advice was SinfullyRiddling aka MegKaylee’s How to Grow on Twitch and GeekChickTV’s Streaming 101. And I still follow them to this day. I’m not trashing on anyone else’s videos about streaming, but these were the only two that I felt were genuine about their experience into Twitch streaming.

With that said, I took matters into my hands and created this blog for myself and for other streamers. I will be that person who will chronicle their ups-and-downs about streaming, and to show others that they can learn from my mistakes about it. I’m not perfect but I know I have the determination to at least try.


So to keep everything a bit more organized, when you click ‘Blog’ you’ll find personal posts or mostly nerdy posts. But if you’re Twitch streaming trying to learn how to improve your stream, then you should click on ‘Twitch Tips’. Sometimes my posts will overlap and I’ll categorize them under both my blog and Twitch Tips.

If you read this far into my post, you’re a fucking trooper and I thank you for sticking around. If you’re part of my Bodega Fam, YERRRRRRRRRRR. If you’re not, then hit that follow button on my Twitch channel or join my server on Discord where you’ll meet a diverse group of people in one little spot.

My Bodega Fam is small but we all come from different parts of the world and different backgrounds, and it’s a reflection of my beautiful city, NYC. That’s the mission of my Bodega Family. 😺 

Feel free send me an email or a DM to my social if you have questions and I always try my best to answer to you.

For the streamers, keep on streaming! And for the rest of ya, I’ll see ya latooor 💜

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