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Published August 3, 2018

Since I starting streaming about a year ago, I did my research and found all the YouTube videos and posts about how to get started into it in order for me to learn about this new land. And they all pretty much provided the same advice such as being active on social media, use a face cam, or don’t feed the trolls.

These are GREAT advice but the more I kept digging around to find new tips, they were ALL THE SAME from all kinds of streamers from Partnered or Affiliated.

So I decided to change it up and give MY 5 tips that I believe is unique from all the advice you would hear about getting into streaming.

I hope these stick out to you in your streaming journey, and let’s get to it! First off…

You need to be approachable

Simon X Factor I really really like you

As a new streamer, you have to start thinking of yourself as a brand. Your Twitch username, the way how you present yourself (social media), and your overall theme, will be what people see when they first search you up. First impressions matter, and if you give off bad vibes to them, then you’ll potentially lose a new viewer or follower.

You have to make sure that you are approachable meaning new viewers or chatters feel comfortable interacting with you. They feel safe to talk about whatever they can with you. It can be anything from their own personal life or talk about the game in general. If they have the courage to talk to you or they like the topics you bring up, then consider yourself approachable. Whatever that may be.

So how do you become approachable on stream?

By practicing in talking to yourself

Doctor Who sit down and talk

You need to start talking to yourself more. Speak out loud. Literally say your thoughts when playing a game so they will understand your thought process. For example, when you’re trying to solve a puzzle, explain how you’re going to jump that wall, or how you’re going to fight that enemy with the new weapon that you just found.

Don’t wait for a chatter to appear in your chat to start talking. Practice speaking as if you have 5 or 500 people watching you. When you’re not speaking for 5 mins, who knows if a random viewer stopped by during those 5 minutes. The attention span of a new viewer isn’t long, so every second counts.

When speaking out loud, your thought process can be jumbled. However, that’s where your audience can jump in and help you out . If you’re stuck somewhere and you ask your audience to assist, that interaction may help build that trust with that chatter. Plus it shows more engagement in your chat and keeps it alive.

Think about your target audience

Here’s a rather unique tip that I believe that not a lot of streamers think about. And it’s all about thinking about who is your audience.

What type of people do you want to attract? Not just “positive ppl who wants to watch me play” *derp pose*

NO!  Seriously imagine the type of person who’s coming into your channel.

Are they female or male? Are they newbies or ogs to the game? What other games do you think they like? How old are they? Where are they frequently located?

Ask these questions to yourself.

Do these people understand your jokes or least have the same type of humor? Do they have the same beliefs as you? Then those are the people that you need to attract to your stream.


Trust me, once you’ve figured all that out, go do the work and find those people. And how can you do that?

Be active in a community

You’ve gotta join and be active.

Join all the Facebook groups you want. All the Discord servers or sub-Reddits. Or even a stream team or a Twitch channel that already has a community.

But don’t just join and drop your links when you’re about to go live.

Find that one community that you can focus your attention to.

It’s okay to be in many different groups, or servers, but try to focus at least 1 or 2 communities where you can rely on getting advice, tips, and meeting other people that share the same interest as you. This one community will become your extended family. Also it’s a great way to network within the community.

As a fellow viewer has mentioned, “Joining a Fortnite streaming community doesn’t help Nintendo streamers”.

So you have to find people who will understand what you’re going through, or even make new friends that will support you in your journey. Stay active in the community by frequently visiting and contributing to other members topics or answering questions.

The more you interact with others in that group or community, the more people recognize you and will eventually support you in the long run.

Focus one social media platform

Every other tip video I’ve seen has mentioned to be active on social media. However, I’m not saying only join one platform, because you need to build your presence in all platforms, but be aware which one you’re most active on. Notice the one you frequently browse or use. You usually favor one over the other and that’s where you’ll find your audience.

twitter flying animation

As a writer, I find myself to do a lot more tweets than I would publish more photos on Instagram since I have a lot to say. However, there are some people like to edit and find the perfect photo to post on Instagram than tweeting. Every person is different so find which one you’ll focus more, and start doing more research on how you can expand presence to others on that platform.

Do you think you’re ready to start your Twitch stream?

I really hope so! Welp, there you have it!

These are my unique tips into streaming and there are other great ways to make sure that you’re on the right track. Sometimes you have to discipline to keep grinding in order to earn that Twitch Affiliate status. But if you still don’t think you’re ready, think about the different factors of WHY you shouldn’t get into streaming.

Whether you’re new or old into streaming, sometimes learning new things will help give you a new perspective on things on how you can learn how to your your channel and your community. If you want more streaming tips, my buddy Gael Level gives his 5 Twitch Tips for new streamers, too! Check it out and leave a comment that I sent you there. 😁

Keep on streaming!

Thanks for reading my post!

I hope these tips will help you in your Twitch streaming journey. Do you think these are different from what you’ve heard? Or just the same stuff from before? Either way leave a comment below!

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