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Published May 28, 2018

Wattup Bodega Fam!

I discovered this amazing indie game that really caught my attention called, Moonlighter. Of course, when I thought of the word, “Moonlighter”, I went “Dafuq, does he have a second job?”.

Welp. He sorta does!

After watching the Moonlight’s release date trailer, it was revealed that you play as Will, a young shopkeeper who inherited the shop from his parents of shopkeepers. (Whew, that was mouthful).

He longed for the days of fighting monsters but was pulled back because of his family’s duty. Finally, he took a chance to explore the caves and fields at night and that’s what he does to keep his shop alive. He basically kills two birds with one stone by going on adventures as he always wanted while finding glorious loot to keep his shop alive.

It’s very Zelda-eque but the movements is what really captured me the most because LOOK HOW SMOOTH IT IS! See for yourself in this comparison trailer which showcases all the of the platforms Moonlighter can be played on: PS4, XBoxOne, PC, and Switch.

I love finding a great indie game that is very thoughtful about these minor details. C’MON LOOK AT THE WATER PHYSICS AND DAT SMOKE! Sorry, I get very hyped and I’m ready to throw all my money for it because it requires so much dedication to create this type of movement for a game.

This is definitely going on my list of “Indie Games To Play” and will try to find some time to stream this in between my Kingdom Hearts Marathon.

Anyways, the game is expected to be released tomorrow, Tues, May 29th for $19.99. Keep a lookout for the Switch release date if you want this game on-the-go. However, you can pre-order Moonlighter right now if have a Fanatical account, and you can purchase it for 20% off for Steam! Get it while you can at this discounted price.

Thanks for reading this post!

Are there any other indie games that you’re hyped that’s coming out later this year? Let me know in the comments below! 👾

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