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Published March 15, 2018

It’s rough as a noobie streamer, just starting out with 0 followers. But don’t get tempted to do the dreaded Follow for Follow or F4F tactic to bring up your follower count. While this method is OK for the short-term, don’t expect that this will work for the long run if you really want to grow your audience. You need to learn how to network properly and effectively.

Following these methods is not as quick and easy like F4F, but it’s the right way on how to improve yourself as a small streamer. When you take the time and effort to do things the right way, it will eventually pay off. 

Joining the chat

DeeDee from Dexter's Laboratory typing

If you’re the type who lurks at other people’s streams, well I’m gonna have to ask you to break out of that shell and start engaging in the chat.

When you’re a small streamer that’s trying to get recognized, start with channels that have about 15 or more viewers. This just means they have a small audience that are sticking around and it’s small enough to interact with the streamer since there aren’t that many chatters.

When you’re watching someone’s stream, here are a few things. Don’t troll. Actually get along with their mods. Answer the streamer whenever they have questions or have questions for them to answer. The more and more they recognize your name, people in the chat will recognize you too.

Finally, drop by their stream frequently! As you continue to visit their stream, the more they will appreciate your view and eventually will support you if they find out that you’re a streamer too.

Just be an active member in their chat and their viewers will eventually become new followers.

A bonus part of joining chat and frequently visiting will eventually lead to shout-outs! It’s a small gesture, but it’s a great nudge to get exposure from big and smaller streamers.

Using social media

Girl scrolling on her phone with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus bubbles floating up from the screen

Do you own a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat? Then start using them!

They’re great tools to connect with your audience and find other streamers.

You don’t have to use all of them on a daily basis, but focusing on one platform where you’ll be posting frequently will help expand your reach.

If you love taking great photos, then focus on using Instagram.

Always got something to say? Then use Twitter.

Or just more comfortable and want to stick with Facebook? Then make a Facebook Page for your channel. It’s better for you to manage a Page than making a brand new profile because it has tools that you need to grow your audience.

Learn how to use hashtags to find other people who enjoy the same content as you. For example, if you’re tweeting or posting on Instagram, use hashtags that are frequently used such as: #twitchstreamer or #pubgstreamer . Anything that’s a bit more specific and relevant to your channel will boost your exposure to that platform.

And the same way you would do in the chat, get involved by adding or responding other comments. It’s called SOCIAL networking, so get to socializing and networking!

Facebook groups & Discord servers

Bunch of friends watching TV and high-fiving at each other in unison

Joining these big communities are great to find other small streamers who are mostly likely at the same stage as you. Whether you have 100 followers, or looking for new people to host, or just trying to figure out a technical issue that you’re having on your stream, getting yourself involved with a group will help you grow your channel.

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but BE ACTIVE! Join in comment threads, ask questions, and throw in a reaction. The more you interact with other people and show your presence, eventually you’ll get recognized.

Sometimes these types of groups can be intimidating or toxic, but comb through all the negativity, the irrelevant content, and trolls, you’ll find some people that are willing to help out.

Soon enough you’ll build a network of like-minded streamers, new friends, and possible collaborations for future events.

Here are a few Facebook groups and Discord to consider:



Attending events

large crowd at new york comic con

This is probably one of the most difficult ways how to network as a streamer since it requires a lot of planning and traveling. I recommend attending large events like TwitchCon, but you can always check around your local area if they are any events.

Try using Eventbrite or Meetup to find local events in your area.

Events doesn’t have to be about streaming or Twitch. They can be as simple as gaming, cosplay, or any type of nerdy convention where you find other people. This doesn’t exclude attending other events that is relevant your brand or stream. For example, if you’re music streamer, maybe there’s a local singing group or band event or if you’re a cooking/food streamer, find popular food events.

If you find a company or brand that interest you while attending these events, get their contact information and then reach out for a possible sponsorship or some sort of collaboration. Doesn’t always hurt to ask but there many companies that are always looking for new ways to get their own exposure.

If it’s not a fit or it doesn’t work out, just stay in touch. You’ll never know that you might need their help for the future!

shaking hands

Networking is all about making connections. It’s similar to making friends but having colleagues. All of these methods will take time. If you stay active in these communities, eventually, you’ll be able to find the right people who will stop by in your channel every so often.

Some of these people will be your frequents viewers, future mods, or even lifelong friends.

Key things to remember about networking is to be active and be sociable. Drop by in streams frequently. Use hashtags in social media to expands your posts out to other people and interact with others. Also be participate in Facebook and Discord threads so members can get to know you and support your journey.

Build your support group first before building out your audience. Your community will grow over time not overnight.

Thanks for reading my post!

How do you network around to find other streamers? Any groups, events, or other methods you use to network? Leave a comment below!

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