How To Get Your Twitch Affiliate In 30 Days

How To Get Your Twitch Affiliate In 30 Days

So you want to get that fancy Subscription button to your Twitch channel, huh?

It’s one step closer to getting Partnered and the requirements are super achievable to do. To achieve your Affiliate, you just need to meet the following:

  • 500 minutes (8 hours)
  • 3 average viewers
  • 7 Unique Days


Being part of the Affiliate program just means that you can now earn money through some of the perks that

I’m going to help break it down each requirement for you and how you can make this possible in 30 days.

Start a schedule for 30 Days or 1 Month

Dedicate one entire month of streaming. You can start at any time to reach this status, but to make it easier on yourself (and for a visual guide) use a calendar to make a schedule.

7 Unique Days

Next requirement is 7 unique days. That’s one week.

You can just stream every day for one week and be done, if you like. But to avoid getting burnt out, spread out your schedule within those 30 days. One suggestion is to stream twice a week, ex: Mondays & Wednesdays.

Whichever weekdays work for you, try to plan around that. That will give you some time to set up before your stream and review your past broadcast after you stream.

500 minutes or 8 hours

When the Affiliate Program first rolled out, this requirement stated it to stream 500 minutes.

But who wants to do math? (It’s 500 minutes / 60 minutes = 8 hours, in case if you were wondering)

So as of November 2017, they made it more clearer that you just need 8 hours to stream.

Easy enough. It’s sooo doable.

To make sure you meet your 7 unique days requirement, stream at least 2 hours.


Start promoting yourself on social media! Use Twitter, Facebook, and Discord to find a community of streamers to expose yourself to others. Make sure to include your link when you introduce yourself so that people can easily click the link and hit that follow button on your channel.


This part is a little tricky if you’re COMPLETELY brand new and starting with 0 followers. The method I’m about to mention is something I am against as a streamer. However, for this case as a brand new streamer is Follow For Follow or F4F.

You can ask these streamers follow you while you follow back on their channel. It’s a quick and painless way to get way, but in the long run, this won’t get you far if you want to get Partnered, but that’s a discussion for another time.

3 average viewers

Here’s the trickiest requirement that you might struggle as a brand new streamer, but it’s totally simple achieve!

With all the new followers that you have and a set schedule, inform them when to expect when you go live.

You need to have 3 viewers from the start and to the very end of your stream.

Again, promote yourself on social media! Personally ask other streamers when they’re not live. Even ask your personal friends to help you meet this requirement.

Also, they don’t need to watch your entire stream, just asking for a lurk will count for your views during this time. So asking them to have a tab open while they do other things on the computer will be beneficial.

After 30 days, we wait

Keep streaming even when the month is over, don’t just do the minimum work. You never know if something didn’t register in their system. It’s better to do extra work, than just meeting the bare minimun and wait.

Streamers who get Partnered don’t just sit and wait. They want to see dedication and work. They always find some new and creative ways to improve their stream.

Now with the new Achievements page in your Dashboard, make sure to hit the “Get Started” button!

While you wait, check your email and your Twitch notifications. Even check your Dashboard if the Revenue tab is available or in the Settings tab where you can see your Onboarding application.

Congratulations! You’re a Twitch Affiliate!

Once you receive the email, fill out all the necessary information: personal, and contact information.

After you submit, your fancy new Subscription button is now in your channel!

Don’t forget to add your emotes and all the necessary panels for your channel so new viewers can see who you are.

Thanks for reading my post!

Leave a comment below if this guide helped you out achieve your Affiliates! If you already have your Affiliates, what did you do differently? Any other helpful tips for new streamers?

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