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Published October 8, 2017

Welcome to my newest blog series about my thoughts and experiences about streaming on Twitch. Every month will be a new theme with a new topic every week. In the spirit of October, I’ll be addressing my fears about streaming. This week’s topic is dealing with trolls.

These Aren’t Your Favorite 90’s Troll Toys

You’re having a great time on your stream, you’re greeting all of your new chatters and followers, and getting to know your audience. One of them makes a comment which you’re not sure if it was a joke or not. Then they repeat that same comment, and now you know they weren’t joking. They see that you’re affected by it and they continue to annoy you throughout your stream, but before you know it, either you or one of your mods bans that person.

Now for some, this little bugger will only bother you in chat. But what happens when that person will take to the next level by harassing you on your social media? You can easily block them but they always find a new way to bother you. And finally it gets to the point where you’re scared and don’t want to do it anymore.

Don’t Feed The Trolls

Having trolls on stream is unfortunately part of being on the internet. You can’t avoid it, and there will always be that one person who will have an opposite view of you. This is one of my fears as I get into streaming as I am now in front of a camera. I don’t like dealing with annoying people, but I am aware that this happens every once in awhile.

I have encountered some form of cyberbullying in my own personal life, but it still catches you off guard when it happens. You’re filled with all kinds of emotions in that moment; angry, scared, and annoyed, but you can’t show that on stream. Trolls just want to get a reaction out of you and if you let them get what they want, then they win.

How Handle Trolls On Stream

Now that you’re prepared that trolls are here to stay and they won’t completely go away, what now? Well, here are 3 ways you can handle the trolls in your stream:

  • Ignore them – Just don’t even acknowledge them in your stream. They’re just another viewer.
  • Block them – If you’re not completely distracted in your stream, you can easily block them out.
  • Embrace them – Or if you’re really tough skinned, you can embrace and let them be part of your audience. If your loyal viewers are supportive, they can probably help you out and

For me personally, every time I have new troll or someone harassing me, it adds a new layer of skin to build up my confidence to deflect their ignorant comments. Even though there are some hurtful comments, if they point out something that actually might help improve my stream, then I will actually take it as a form of criticism.

Thanks for reading and you can find me streaming every Mondays around 9pm ET. I’m active in all my social, so Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, so say hi over there!

How do you deal with trolls? Do you embrace them or kick them out? If they really struck a nerve on you, what do you do off stream to collect yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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