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Published October 1, 2017

Welcome to my blog about my thoughts and experiences about being a small streamer on Twitch. Every month will be a new theme with a new topic every week. In the spirit of October, I’ll be addressing my fears about streaming. This week’s topic is feeling some sort of embarrassment while on camera.

One of the things about streaming on camera, especially on a live streaming scenario, anything can happen in real time. Once that red recording light goes off, anything goes. Maybe you’ll fall off your seat, a friend or your significant other will scare you, or your pet just scratched your face and you started bleeding. Those are just few moments of embarrassment I think that I fear for because as soon as that happens in front of your viewers, they will make fun of you for it, or worse, CLIP IT AND THEN SHARE IT!

A relevant example of this would be Dean Takahashi’s embarrassing tutorial run for Cuphead. If you’re unaware of the situation, Dean Takahashi is a games journalist of 18 years, and it was painful sight to witness this happening iN THE TUTORIAL. See the torture below starting at :07 to 1:33:

Now that’s quite embarrassing and very cringey to watch. I don’t want to have a moment where I’ll show off that I’m a complete noob. (Even though I know I’ll have moments where I can’t jump a stupid platform.)

However, I know that’s the beauty of streaming because these rare candid moments will actually bring you and your audience a bit closer just because they were there in the moment. While I don’t ever want to make myself look like a fool, sometimes you can’t help it and you do it for the fans.

In the end, you’ll just have to accept it, take in the moment, and try to move on from it. Because now that embarrassing moment could actually be a fun memory to look back on and possibly an insider with your viewers.

What are some things that you’re worried about getting embarrassed on Twitch? Have you experienced an embarrassing moment on stream before? Comment below! I’ll be also talking about this topic tomorrow, Mon, 10/2, at the beginning of my stream just to hear what you guys have to say.

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