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Published September 19, 2017

Achieving affiliate on Twitch has been an amazing goal and it’s going to open up a lot of different doors for me in this world.

However, outside of the gaming world, I have my own personal goals that has been pushed back and neglected. Not only am I a gamer, but I am doing the best I can to improve myself in the workspace. I work full-time and there is a collective goal with my small team of 3 is trying to achieve by the end of this year. To meet these goals, I had to reevaluate my after-work life and decided to put a hold on streaming.

Streaming is definitely one of my dream goals to achieve by doing this full-time in the future, however, my work team’s goals aligns with my own personal goal in learning how to code. So for me keep up with them, I have to reduce my screen time with games.

It’s a tough decision, but if I am able to master coding by the end of 2017, a project goal of mine is to create an app that can be an Extension or a bot for Twitch. So cross your fingers and hopefully I can make this a dream come true!

I’ll be revamping my streaming schedule to a weekly stream and try to focus on only one game for now. Due to my very lame PS4 download speed, it’s hard to play on time when an update takes you 2 hours to complete.

As my tagline says, I’m a blogger by day and streamer at night. If you don’t find me streaming, you can find me writing.

If you’re interested in my non-gaming life, you can follow my journey at


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