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Published June 11, 2017

Hey y’all!

I’ve been slacking a lot with the gaming, but I wanted to give myself another challenge. Starting now in June 2017 until the end of August 2017, I want to complete these gaming goals for the summer of 2017.

So in order to keep things a bit fresh in here and to make sure that I’m hitting my gaming goals, I will write at once a week about my progress in these games that I’m currently playing:

  • Magikarp Jump – Beat the Heal League, hit the cap before the newest update, and be at least 90% with all of the achievements, magikarp patterns, and reveal all random encounters.
    • UPDATE 6/24 – Welp, I hit the cap. Highest Magikarp level is 73 and I believe my Trainer Rank is only 61. I’m still #3 among my friend list, but at least my highest jump hit the 160M mark
  • Kingdom Hearts 1.5 – start and complete the game!
  • The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – I was having trouble download the last two episodes, but I finally have it downloaded. I’ll keep my full-on review on how I felt about this season’s game.
    • UPDATE 6/24 – I finally got to play the last two episodes last week and finished around last Saturday. Man, that was a trip but it was so glitchy. It was troublesome but I think that’s one of the cons of playing on Android since I didn’t have it on any other format. I plan to writing out my thoughts out soon, but if you didn’t catch my Facebook post, HELL NO TO KATE.
  • Pokemon Sun – …….yeah…. I haven’t completed the game yet. So I wanna get that done!

Wish me all luck and let’s see if I can finally make the time for all these games!

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