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Published December 25, 2016

Dear David Prowse,

Mr. David Prowse, as any other bored American these days, I browsed around what was newly added to my Netflix feed. While I was scrolling around through different TV shows, indie movies, and obscure animal videos, I came across the documentary, “I Am Your Father” and I immediately added it to my list. My boyfriend, Luis, is a huge Darth Vader fan, so this was something that I had to patiently wait and watch with him. How huge of a fan he is, you ask? He loves Star Wars so much, especially Darth Vader, to which he has a tattoo sleeve on his left forearm of the infamous sci-fi villain which also includes the Death Star.

That is one huge commitment and a big declaration for his love for Darth Vader!

The Saturday after Black Friday was when we finally watched “I Am Your Father” before we headed to bed. Learning about the actor, David Prowse, the man who behind the mask of Darth Vader was going to be a fun adventure since we’re both Star Wars fans and we enjoy learning different behind-the-scenes features. However, we did not know that we were about to learn a bit of a dark secret behind one of our beloved trilogies from our childhood.

We loved learning that as child, you were such avid body builder. As you grew, your stature and body mass increased over time, which then eventually led to an acting career. We thought it was a bit strange to learn that the acting career that you built featured a lot of roles that didn’t show your real face. It’s always covered with a mask or heavy make-up such as Frankenstein’s monster and other “hideous” creatures.

One of greatest surprise that shocked my boyfriend and I was learning that you weren’t invited to any official Star Wars conventions. David Prowse, the actor who played the role of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, not being recognized for his acting contribution which help bring a huge impact in the pop culture history.


After the documentary was over, I saw a side of my boyfriend that I rarely see. He was emotional, distraught, but mostly angry that the actor of his favorite character, Darth Vader, didn’t have the recognition that he deserves. Despite the great tribute that [doc director] created for that one scene for him, it is absolutely unfair for you to live your life after almost 50 years without the credit you deserve.

Mr. David Prowse, I would like to try my best to bring awareness to “I Am Your Father” and let every Star Wars fan know about the man behind the mask. That #DavidProwseIsVader and that you are a wonderful man who loves his fans.

I should know because I have purchased an autograph from you for my favorite Sith, Luis, my boyfriend. It was just before we watched Rogue One when I have gifted this to him. His face lit up and was surprised that I was able to get an authentic autograph from you. It was truly a memorable moment for him as we know we’ll have an awesome cameo of Darth Vader, but sadly, it’s not you in that suit.

My happy boyfriend with his David Prowse autograph!

Moreover, we will never forget your name, and will continue to spread the word about your story. We really hope to meet you in the future, Mr. David Prowse!

May The Force Be With You,
Jem | Jempanada

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