52 Game Reviews: 09 Bouncy Cloud

52 Game Reviews: 09 Bouncy Cloud

Welcome to Jempanada’s 52 Game Review! Every week, I review an app game that’s free or under $2 that can be easily downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store, or SONY store.

Sorry, I’ve been so MIA lately! The holidays are always a crazy time, and I had just recently moved so settling in took longer than I expected. Despite all of this, I have found and played some new game/apps, so now I’m ready to review them!

I had just recently created an Instagram for Jempanada and I thought posting a glimpse of my nerdy lifestyle would be relatable to all of us nerds. If you want to follow, it’s @jempanada3 just like my Twitter and Pinterest. Following into this, I actually found this app game through Instagram.

AppyOwl liked my first photo and with my general curiosity, I checked out their profile. They just so happen to be a developer with a couple of games that they have already released. In their profile, it says: “We develop games from casual to EXCRUCIATING levels of difficulty.” That basically screams out #challengeaccepted. The one game that caught my interest was, Bouncy Cloud, as it sounds super pleasant and simple to try out.

Boy, was I wrong. I thought it was similar to Doodle Jump (remember, that game?), however, instead of the cute Triton-looking character actively bouncing up on the platform, you have to tap to make him bounce up to the next platform. Now here’s the challenging part: the platforms either move left and right or it will continuously move within the walls. If you hit the wall or a moving object, you are dead.

It’s quite challenging alright, since I can’t get passed the 6th platform. It’s really hard to navigate your character because the positioning of Triton depends on how you land on the platform. If you’re too close the edge on one, then you’ll probably won’t make it land correctly on the next one.

Ain’t he cute?

Only after a couple of rounds of this game, I have simply gave up and tipped my hat to developers. They have definitely created an excruciating game for me to handle.

I did have some difficulty connecting my account to the Google Play Store at one point. It actually t prevented me from playing the game, which was quite frustrating. This time, it just gave me an error and allowed me to continue playing with the game, so this might be an issue if you like keeping track of your achievements.

Overall, Bouncy Cloud is a fun simple with great graphics and a difficult gameplay. Perhaps if they did try something similar to Doodle Jump where you can tilt your phone to move the character, but where’s the challenge into that?

Download: App Store | Google Play

Final Thoughts:

  • Simplistic art-style
  • Challenging game play
  • Ran into a bug in connecting my Google account
  • 4 / 5 bytes

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