Finally! Everyone, Meet Sombra

Finally! Everyone, Meet Sombra

Are you excited? I’m pretty damn excited to finally meet Overwatch’s newest character, Sombra. I’ll be honest, I didn’t quickly jump into the whole Sombra bandwagon when they first started dropping hints and easter eggs about it because I knew eventually I would’ve been bored.

Jempanada with Girrion

The more details I learned that Sombra had to deal with computers, I was definitely intrigued. Even more intrigued once it was confirmed that Sombra was female! Little by little when images were leaking, I instantly fell in love as soon I saw her beautiful undercut head. I am sucker for any character that has short hair or undercuts because… well… look at me!

I got the undercut. The right hair length. Tan skin. I am all set to prepare a cosplay of her and I really want to make this one a good one for next year’s New York Comic-Con in 2017! I await for any cosplay tutorials and other help to make this happen.

If you haven’t seen the revealing of Sombra in this animated short, Infiltration, well then watch away.

Isn’t she so beautiful and conniving? Well I am super excited to start playing as her, so look out for me practicing on how to use her.

If you want more details about Somba, check below for her Origin Story in this other animated video.

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