Can’t Get Enough Of The Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Opening Cinematic

Can’t Get Enough Of The Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Opening Cinematic

I. Can’t. Get. Enough. Of. This. Song.

If you don’t know me, well then, you should know that one of my favorite video game series is the Kingdom Hearts series.

It’s such a cheerful remix that I can’t help but listen to it a thousand times. The first time I watched this cinematic, I literally teared up because it’s basically Aqua’s journey with Terra and Ventus.

We just want to know what happened to Aqua! Don’t make us cry!

Take a listen to the song and don’t tell me that this doesn’t make you smile at all. Below is the English version, but for some reason, I like the Japanese version as well.

Yeah, I see you smiling and bouncing to it. I’m not judging, but doesn’t it just hits you in the feels? It brings back so many memories and you just feel for Aqua’s struggles to save her friends.

2017 is going to be a great year for Kingdom Hearts and I will have no problem throwing my money to Square Enix. So many games, yet so little time! But I think we’re all done waiting for all of the games to be released. It’s been a long awaited journey for everyone who loves the game.

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