52 Game Reviews: 07 Pour It Up In Glass 2 Glass

52 Game Reviews: 07 Pour It Up In Glass 2 Glass

Welcome to Jempanada’s 52 Game Review! Every week, I review an app game under $2 that can be easily downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store, or SONY store.

For this week’s game, I found this Glass 2 Glass game on the Google Play store which was developed by Kick9. The game is nothing fancy but with simple graphics and concept, pour as much orange juice (or any other drink) into one glass and hope it reaches the goal line on the second glass.

Pour too much or too little in the first glass for the second glass, that will end your streak. It did take me awhile to get the hang of it, but this is basic 5th grade science.

You hold on your screen to pour as much or little orange juice into the first glass so that it will fill up the second glass. However, there are various different types of glasses in each round, such as a shot glass, a wine glass, or a tall glass. You just have to use your judgement to determine if you’ll be pouring in the correct amount of liquid for the second glass.

If you do pour it just at the brim without spilling any of the orange juice, you will also earn some coins for that perfect pour as a great accomplishment. I have only encountered a perfect pour every 4 turns since I have been playing this game. However, I will always just make it at the success line with each glass.

I do want to unlock different liquids like a soda or wine, but I doubt I will be able to collect enough coins with my pacing or perception with these liquids. You will be forced to see an ad every few turns, but it’s not as annoying as the other games I have played before.

There is a Vs. mode and a Challenge mode. The Vs. Mode allows you to play against the clock with another person. I can’t really tell for sure, if it’s in real time, but I have been matched up with other players from different countries.

The Challenge mode lets you choose from 3 different modes: Skill Challenge, Master Challenge, and Perfect Challenge. Skill Challenge seems to be very similar to the regular game, so I didn’t see much of a difference. Master Challenge has certain objects in the second glass, so your liquid perception is a bit altered when you’re pouring. The Perfect Challenge is to achieve a perfect pour.

It’s another fun simple game to kill time, similar to Polyforge, however I do prefer Polyforge over Glass 2 Glass in my opinion.

Final Thoughts:

  • Super easy
  • Lots of brains
  • Fun different modes to play
  • 4 out of 5 bytes

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