52 Game Reviews: 06 Infinity Run

52 Game Reviews: 06 Infinity Run

Welcome to Jempanada’s 52 Game Review! Every week, I review a newly released game under $2 that can be easily downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store, or SONY store.

To change it up, I tried to find a game that avoids my usual interest of pixelated games with an old-school feel. I ran across something new I eventually did by running across something new on the App Store this week, called Crooked Path: Infinity Run. This is game is also available on the Google Play store, so everyone can get a chance to enjoy this game by RuvixArts.

From the looks of it from the screenshots, the maps didn’t seem difficult to accomplish. With just one simple rule: tap to change direction. Similar to Temple Run, instead of swiping to the correct direction, this white elongated character with a large scarf trailing behind him, will turn to the correct direction.


Once you make a turn, a new path will rise from the abyss and you can see your new running path. Sometimes when you tap to change direction, the environment changes. For example, the color background changes, or it starts to rain then later it turns into snow. The only hard part of the game is to determine when you should tap. Tap too soon or too late, you’ll fall off the path which will end your turn.


Starting off in Infinity Run. Follow your path.


Along the way, there will be some large or small gold balls for you to collect, but sometimes you won’t be able to collect them because they’re on a part of the path that your character won’t even run along. It’s a very tricky game but it definitely keeps me on my toes.

One thing to note while I was playing was that there were no distractions from any ads if you have the game offline. I’ve been playing offline majority of the time, but once I had my iPad linked to the internet, the ads had started to appear. So that’s one little tip if you don’t want to lose your rhythm of the game like when I was playing Swoopy Space.

Some bonus features of the game are the spinning to get a chance to win some extra coins, and with those coins, you can use them buy some cosmetics like instead of a red scarf, you can pick a blue scarf. You can even purchase 3 long scarfs that’s rainbow-colored!


My highest score on Infinity Run


Overall, this is a good time-killer whenever you want something easy and not stress-inducing.

Final Thoughts:


  • Not much skill required
  • Environment changes are aesthetically beautiful
  • Few choices on cosmetic purchases
  • 4 / 5 Empanada bytes


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