52 Game Reviews: 08 All Twisted Around and Parallyzed

52 Game Reviews: 08 All Twisted Around and Parallyzed

Welcome to Jempanada’s 52 Game Reviews! Every week, I review a free app game or can be purchased under $2 which can be easily downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store, or SONY store.

Here’s a little thing that I found in the Featured section of the Google Play store. From the indie developers Double Coconut and Koreez, they have combined forces to make this very twisted and complicated platform game. I was very intrigued with the trailer which you can watch below:

Here’s a quick synopsis for the people who rather read than watch the Parallyzed trailer. We are introduced to Red, the sister who represents fire, rage, and blood. Then we meet Blue, the smaller sister who represents the sky, ocean, and dreams. Because of this, Red is jealous of her little sister as most people prefer Blue over her. One day, it seems that Red had accidently hurt her leaving her in a coma. So in order to get her back, she has to find the keys and avoid certain obstacles to get to her back home.

Sounds very dramatic, even the music playing is very eerie and dramatic, but I loved the artwork of the game. For starters, I knew very well that I wouldn’t make it that far into the game, but I just wanted to check out the mechanics of the game.

Now, there isn’t much explanation how or why the two sisters are now in two separate levels, may be different worlds, but the game starts you off with two simple tutorial stages on how to play. Tap on the right side of the screen to switch places. Tap on the left side to jump. Make sure that you pass through the correct colored cloud and make sure to switch when you see obstacles that won’t disrupt a sister’s run.

I thought this was easy enough, but boy was I wrong. I was stuck at level 2 for the longest time because of the difficulty to jump over the dang hedgehog. It literally took me 13 tries to finally time it perfectly to get over him properly.

13 deaths! What a lucky number!

After a big sigh of relief, I was happy that I finally completed this level. However, I was reminded that this was just the beginning and I had to face more jumping obstacles in the next few levels.  I attempted level 3 a couple of times, but the jumping mechanic had defeated me since it nearly took me a while week to complete level 2. Also with the icing on the cake, there’s a few ads that would play between turns.

So with a raise of my imaginary white flag, I was defeated and stopped playing the game. I saw the potential in this game, however, I feel like they need to fix the jumping feature. It’s frustrating when you have perfectly time the jump but it never really made sense me that after jumping, it was still acceptable to touch the hedgehog, but if I touched it too early, it was the end of my turn.

As much as I want to love the game because the concept is very interesting to me, I can’t torture myself any more. It could be just me personally who can’t seem to get the jumping feature work out for my gameplay, but for me it’s not worth my time. I’ll give the credit to the developers as it was a Finalist for the Google Play Indie Games Festival, but sadly, it fell short based on my experience of the gameplay.

Final Thoughts:

  • A complicated but dramatic background story for the two main characters
  • Eerie but beautiful artwork and music
  • Jumping mechanic is bit broken
  • Overall: 3 out of 5

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