52 Game Reviews: 04 Defeating Other Bug Enemies in One Tap

52 Game Reviews: 04 Defeating Other Bug Enemies in One Tap

Welcome to Jempanada’s 52 Game Review! Every week, I review a newly released game under $2 that can be easily downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store, or PS4 store.

This is going to be a short one, folks. I found another great Android and Apple find. After browsing last week’s game releases, ShadowBug Rush had intrigued me with the dark silhouette-figured characters and the beautiful paint-brushed background. This impressive yet simple little Unity game was developed by Muro Studios, a two-man studio from Finland.

When you first start up the game, you can see some of the similarities to Limbo, with the its shadow character and his slow navigation. You are just given 2 simple instructions, tap and hold to walk left or right, then tap on an enemy creature to attack. If you consecutively tap on multiple enemies, you’ll continuously move through the map in the air. Sounds easy enough, right?  But what’s a game without some traps, spikes, and buzzsaws? Now there’s the challenge! This is where I begin to see some gameplay that is like Super Meat Boy. You don’t see it as you’re tapping through the map, but a wall or a floor of buzzsaws will start following so that you can’t move backwards in the map.

I call him Mr. Moneybux. But check out that buzzsaw floor!

As I played the game the next few days, I realized that there was no storyline, no dialogue, and no objective. Unless you want to consider collecting jewels and advancing around the map as your personal objective. When you’re tapping around the map to defeat some enemies, along the way, you’ll collect as many jewels unlock or upgrade new maps and characters.

Unfortunately, with my pacing of the game, I have only unlocked 3 other characters and upgraded one of them. To unlock a character, it costs 1000 jewels and each run that I play, I collect up to 250 jewels the most. I know, I suck, but it’s pretty difficult to find an enemy to kill in order for you to get to the next platform. A downfall for me about this system is that you get a random character when you unlock one. I saw one character that looked like a kitty, so I tried unlocking it, but once I hit the portal button, it gave me a random moneybux character.

Also unlocking or upgrading a new map cost around 500-1000 jewels. When I upgraded a map, it did look slightly different as there are a bit more challenges and new enemies that I haven’t seen before. While the other maps aren’t available yet, I am curious to know if we’ll encounter new and different enemies in these new maps.


There aren’t much more for me to say about the game but it’s definitely something to pass by the time when there’s nothing else to do. I give most of my credit and admiration for the game on how it is developed and the artwork.

Final Thoughts

  • Love the aesthetics of the game
  • Similar to Limbo & Super Meat Boy
  • No story or objectives
  • Easy and simple

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