52 Game Reviews: 03 Hoarding Crap with PewDiePie

52 Game Reviews: 03 Hoarding Crap with PewDiePie

Welcome to Jempanada’s 52 Game Review! Every week, I review a newly released game under $2 that can be easily downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store, or PS4 store.

I finally picked a game for all you Android users (and Apple too!) if you’re interested in downloading this game. It’s not an exciting puzzle or action game, but it’s definitely on the casual side. Like super casual. This week’s game that I managed to download is PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator. If you’re a gamer, and you have no idea who PewDiePie is, then you have been living under rock or have just been born the other day. PewDiePie is one of the first Youtube Personalities to reach 1 million subscribers to his channel, gaining his popularity mostly with Let’s Play and vlog videos.

Now I know you’re also thinking, “What the hell is this Tuber Simulator?” Well, I have a great mini-summarization for this game. A Youtube/Farmville/old-school Sims game. It was developed by Outerminds, a Canadian indie game company, with collaboration with PewDiePie’s media brand, revelmode.

You start at level 1, with your crappy looking computer, a giant cardboard box as your desk, along with the wallpaper and carpet falling apart, in a dinky ass room. Sounds like any typical noob trying to get started in the digital world. But that’s the beauty of the game! You can live and work hard like PewDiePie by just tapping a few things here and there in order to be a successful “Tuber” just like him.

See! Crappy room.
See! Crappy room.

I hate the fact that I am a sucker for these types of games, but I’ve come to realize and accepted that I am type of hoarder. I like collecting and gaining new things, so I can definitely see why these tap and wait games attract me every once in awhile, just like the Simpsons: Tapped Out.

In order for you to advance in the game, you have to create videos, gain subscribers, views, and of course collect some swag in order to improve your genre stats. Your genres are comedy, dark, nature, animals, video games, beauty, home, music, science, and sports. You can “level” up each genre by purchasing different items while also gaining experience in the Knowledge Tree.

It sounds complicated, but not to worry, you have the real life PewDiePie walk you through the steps in the tutorial. Hearing his real voice with his genuine (or sarcastic) comments makes it very intriguing. Every time you get a new item, or achieve a new goal, he always got something to say.

Unlike most games where you need some type of currency to purchase items, your currency are actually your views. The more videos you make, the more views you can achieve, and you “spend” these views to add more random shit to your room.

A random feature in the game is the Sponsor Eagle Delivery. You will literally hear an eagle screech in the game, but it only happens at random. So if you’re currently browsing for a new item to have shipped to you, but you hear the eagle, you can quickly ‘X’ out of that screen and just patiently wait for the eagle to go across your screen. Once you’ve tapped the box a few times, you’ll get a random reward like subscribers, views, or even some bux.

It’s a stupid game, but quite entertaining if you’re into these types of games. I’ve managed to get my cute little avatar up to level 7 after a week of playing and I liked the different types of items you can unlock which determines the genre. Like for animals, you can get a sleeping kitty, for gaming, you can achieve an old NES, or for nature, you can get a cactus for your room.

This may or may not a real depiction of my real-life room.

Also to follow the trend of me commenting on how ads affect your gameplay, this is probably one of the most ingenious uses of ads in a game. Not waiting for a video or a shipment to arrive takes forever. Sometimes, you just need a bit of a boost which can be found in each section. The boost will speed up the process after watching a 30 second ad. Once you view the ad, the boost will last you a couple of hours! It’s definitely one way to make ads an optional choice for you to enhance your gaming experience when playing the game. I appreciate that a lot instead of being forced to watch those ads like Swoopy Space or One More Bounce.

Final Thoughts:

  • For the casual gamer who likes collecting or hoarding shit
  • PewDiePie’s commentary after each achievement are hilarious just like his other videos
  • Poor little puggles begin dropped into oblivion in the mini-game
  • Optional ad viewing to enhance the game experience

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