52 Game Reviews: 02 Let’s Bounce with One More Bounce

52 Game Reviews: 02 Let’s Bounce with One More Bounce

Welcome to Jempanada’s 52 Game Review! Every week, I review a newly released game under $2 that can be easily downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store, or PS4 store.

This week’s game is called One More Bounce, developed by SMG Studio. It’s another game that I found on the App Store which caught my attention with it’s very flat designs and interesting color scheme. The title itself explains itself (too much itself) very simply, so I was looking forward to seeing the mechanics on how I can keep this thing bouncing.

Once the game downloaded, the colors were very calming, along with the music and sounds that were coming out of the game. The background has a rising grid which made me feel like I was in some virtual reality, like the X-Men simulator room.

You have 4 different modes of play: Challenge Levels, Endless Mode, Daily Challenge, and Daily Endless. The only mode that’s available when you start the game is Challenge Levels. So off we go to the first level!

The only bit of tutorial it shows you is to draw a line under the ball. Once you draw that line, the ball automatically starts to fall and bounces off the line that you just drew. Very simple, but once it bounces and starts falling again, you need to draw another line to keep it up. If you drop the ball or let it hit the wall, you die, and you have to start over again. It took me a second to get the hang of it, but I love the simplicity of it so far.


There’s no lives in the game, but an interesting feature in this game is that it will leave a faint white circle with an ‘x’ in the middle to show where you have died in the the previous times you’ve played that level. So it’s quite embarrassing to see 5 ‘x’ marks in the same location because you just can’t figure out how to avoid hitting that one dang corner. Another thing is after each try it gives you a replay of the last few seconds and shows you how you died, like a death replay in Call of Duty or Overwatch. Definitely gives you the opportunity to just review at your previous plays and then learn from what you can avoid.

Replay from one of my turns

If you understand how trajectory works, then you can pretty much predict the height, length, and speed that the ball will travel. Quick tip: the longer the line you draw, the higher the ball will bounce. If the line is short, then the ball will bounce low.

Along with each level, there are 3 diamonds that you can collect. If you collect all 3 diamonds in each level, you’ll complete the level and you’ll gain enough points for you to unlock another mode, other characters, or a different color scheme for the game. You’re also timed on how fast you’ll complete the level, but I don’t recall if it factors in the number of points you will be achieving.

Now as the game goes on with each level, of course it’s going to get harder. At level 4, I found myself facing a mobile square that goes left and right. ┬áIf you’re like me, who freaks out when you see a new obstacle, then you’re going to die a few times. But if you’re the type to laugh at new obstacles that come your way, then it should be easy for you. Overall, once you get the hang of it, you’ll learn to time it correctly so that you can go over or under certain obstacles.

The game does get a bit frustrating when you can’t move on to another level. (ie I am stuck at level 8). So there isn’t much I can do since the obstacle is really challenging for me. Thankfully there is Endless Mode and Daily Challenge Mode to keep me on my toes, so I can enjoy the game.

Simple but Challenging

This game isn’t as frustrating like last week’s game, Swoopy Space, but at least whenever I die, it doesn’t make me want to toss my iPad. It’s possible that it’s the calming sounds and music that allows me to enjoy this game at peace and let myself not get angry whenever I make a mistake. However, the one thing that does make it similar is the ads in between deaths. Though it’s not as frequent like Swoopy Space, it length of the ads makes it quite less enjoyable. Especially since it’s such a beautiful game then you’re hit with an ugly ad which you have to wait for another 5 seconds to load then finish.

Possibly my favorite part of the game is that I never knew how much I would think a simple little ball would be so cute once you give it little wings. To be honest, they all look like different Unown! I’ve only unlocked about 2 different ones, so I wonder what the other shapes would look like.

Final thoughts:

  • Angles and bouncing are fun
  • Twists and obstacles are no fun
  • Calm, soothing colors, music and sounds
  • Different modes to play depending on your mood
  • Cute characters
  • I hate ads that make you wait