52 Game Reviews: 01 Tapping With Swoopy Space

52 Game Reviews: 01 Tapping With Swoopy Space

Welcome to Jempanada’s 52 Game Review! Every week, I review a newly released game under $2 that can be easily downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store, or PS4 store.

The first game in honor of my new weekly series is Swoopy Space, from the developers of Umbrella Games & AppDemon. It was released on September 14th, but I saw it in the “New Games We Love” section of the App Store while browsing for something new for the week. What grabbed my attention is the cute, little, white, pixelated ball that’s grinning at you. I didn’t read much into but I immediately thought this would be a game I would enjoy.

After it downloaded, it gave a chiptune, space, Doctor Who-esque vibe with its background music and cool sound effects. I went into tutorial mode, and I was immediately thrown into the game after a brief introduction. The instructions were:

  1. Tap to change direction.
  2. Collect diamonds for points / coins to unlock characters
  3. Avoid walls and objects

It seemed simple enough. After a couple of tries, I was already frustrated. If you’ve ever played Flappy Bird, this was exactly the same frustration, but with a dash of salt. Instead of tapping to stay up, you are tapping to make sure you are going in the right direction. Not only that, you have planets to avoid, comets & spaceships flying around, and don’t forget to grab those coins while you’re progressing up to space!

I love the colors and the sounds of the game, but I felt that there is way too much going on.  If you’re like me who doesn’t have the greatest coordination with these types of games, you’re not going to have a fun time. I could barely make it up to the first stage, Alpha, and I would die at every turn within 2 seconds. Not only that, after a couple of deaths, you end up watching an advertisement for another game, for another 5 seconds waiting for it to end. This disrupts my flow as I’m just trying to play and improve my skill but won’t gain it when I simply die multiple times. I ended up rage quitting and left my iPad in the corner of my bed.

A couple of days passed, I noticed there were a few updates, so I hit the update button, then attempted to play the game a few more times. One thing that I noticed when loading the game, I thought the game was glitching as it wasn’t reacting properly when I tapped to play. However, after connecting to a WiFi signal, I was able to play. So this is a disappointment that this game requires an Internet connection in order to play.

After the updates, I was grateful that my prayers were answered and they removed those ads in between deaths, so my flow had greatly improved, but not by much. After several more attempts of play time, I declared that I wouldn’t make it past Beta or even reach to Omega. Not even close. My lack of skill doesn’t make this game enjoyable.

For my personal experience, I enjoyed the graphics and music, however, this game isn’t exactly brand new. It’s a game that requires a lot of skill and coordination. Someone like me who doesn’t seem to catch on quickly will have a rough time and will constantly be frustrated.

Final Thoughts:

  • Too many obstacles. What can or can not touch?!
  • Needs WiFi to play. No offline capability
  • Needs great coordination if you want to reach Beta (second level)
  • Too many advertisements if you die a lot
  • Great pixel art and chiptune music
  • Cute character unlocks (that I will never achieve)