Michonne Fights Her Demons and Walkers

Michonne Fights Her Demons and Walkers


One of The Walking Dead‘s fan favorite characters, Michonne, finally gets her own series in TellTale Games, The Walking Dead: Michonne.  Though Michonne is equally bad-ass in the comic and TV series, her character in the comic is slightly more reserved and complicated.  The 2-year gap in the comics left readers with questions about what happened in the development of Alexandria and with Michonne’s disappearance.  With this game, it fills in that gap with a glimpse of the hard-shelled Michonne fighting her demons and walkers.

The Walking Dead: Michonne begins with our character going through a PTSD hallucination.  She’s walking around the fields, but in her head, she’s back in her apartment before anything happened, where she’s trying to save her two daughters.  It was a pretty intense fighting scene in which it flashes back and forth to her hallucination of the apartment to the reality of the abandoned campfire site.

Michonne with her sword

After all the slicing, Michonne crumbles to her feet and breaks down to which she lifts up a gun to her head.  It’s one of the crucial decisions in the game which you will later compare your decision with other players at the end of the episode.

One thing that was new to me for TellTale Games was the opening credits.  There was a song conveniently called, “Gun In My Head” which gave me that New Orleans vibe to it.

I don’t recall if Season 1 or 2 had an opening song, but this captivated me a lot and it was a great way to end that intro scene with this song.

Moving on to the next scene and the rest of the game, unfortunately, I felt that the pacing of the game seemed a little bit off to me.  You’re introduced to Peter, an optimistic boat captain, who brought in Michonne to be part of his crew.  When meeting the rest of the crew, you only get a quick glimpse of their personalities which wasn’t enough for me to get attached to them.  When the boat gets stuck, Michonne and Peter rows to a nearby abandoned ferry for some supplies.  Upon entering the ferry, you get into a scuffle with siblings, Sam and Greg.  However, in the middle of it, Randall barges right in, to which you realize that the siblings were part of a community.  A big boat community which is led by Norma, Randall’s sister.

Without giving too much away, Michonne is a great character in the game, but the story comes off a little bit bland.  It doesn’t grip you like it did for me in The Walking Dead: Season 1 and Season 2 games.  However, I look forward to playing the next 2 episodes in this series to find out more about Michonne’s story and what led her to go back to Alexandria to Rick and the rest of the group.