“Platinum Demo” For The New Final Fantasy Fan

“Platinum Demo” For The New Final Fantasy Fan

I am currently downloading Platinum Demo as I am typing this and after watching the #UnCoveredFFXV, I was excited.  Even though my hype isn’t shared like all of these life-long Final Fantasy fans. (Basically, I’m in the same shoes as Greg Miller).  Here’s the trailer below:

The mechanics for the game looks exactly like Kingdom Hearts, (which I am a HUGE fan of, and yes I know it’s from Square Enix too) so diving into this game would be easy-peasy for me.  Even the music gave me a bit of nostalgia because it’s so similar to Kingdom Hearts.

Probably what sold me the most is that cute little Carbuncle:


It looks like a damn Fennic Fox and it sounds like a Moogle, but CUTER.

And the best part? It’s Free.99!!! So got to your Playstation Store or Xbox Store right now to download! Go Go Go!