Bungie on Twitch (3/23)

Bungie on Twitch (3/23)

Hey Byters!

I know a lot of people haven’t played Destiny in a while because of The Division, but Bungie is doing a Twitch stream soon about the April update.  I’ll be tuning in and I’ll be doing live tweets on @Jempanada3 account.

Tune in!

Here’s what we’ve learned about the new update today!

  • New PoE 41 and 42
  • New Strikes
  • PoE Bounties
  • Engrams now being dropped and your kills can count for your bounties
  • Team Scoring – you and your FireTeam work together to rack up the points

It’s wonderful news and something useful to get back into the Prisoner of Elders.  See you next week for more Destiny #AprilUpdate news!