A Horde of Walking Dead Posts!

A Horde of Walking Dead Posts!

I got a lot of Walking Dead posts coming this way and you better be prepared for some spoilers in the next few weeks!  I didn’t realize how much of a fan I was of the franchise after fangirling over the news for all different platforms.

There’s so much going on from the newest TellTame game, The Walking Dead: Michonne, to the latest issue of in the comic book series, and to the finale of the TV series.

A lot of information for just one post, so I will be breaking it down in the next few weeks about each subject that has to do with The Walking Dead.  In this post, I’ll just give you a background on how I got into this crazy zombie fandom.



It took me a long time to get into The Walking Dead TV series.  I knew of it during school because my “Writing For TV” professor was one of the editors that pushed it to become a series.  He was always disappointed in me when I tell him that I don’t watch it every week.  But then in the summer of 2013, I was fresh out of college I was in no rush into job hunting.  So I binged watched so many shows on Netflix that year and Walking Dead was one of them.  There had been already 2 seasons available to watch which I was hesitant to watch because I wasn’t a big fan of zombie or any of the horror related type.  After a while, I overcame it then started enjoying the idea of people protecting and surviving together from these undead beings.


While anticipating for more TWD related things after catching up, I learned there was a video game that falls parallel to the series.  It was only a couple of bucks, so I said why not.  TellTale Games’ style was unique to me with the quick decision making and some interactivity.  I was definitely hooked which I’ve grown attached to some of the characters, especially Lee and Clem.  I enjoyed the fact that just like the series, try not to get attached to characters because you never know that they’ll get attacked or bitten in the next few minutes.


Finally comes to the comic book series.  I really wanted to get into the comics because I’ve always enjoyed reading the original story before it gets adapted into a movie or a TV series.  However, I knew I was way into deep when there was over 100+ comics already out, and I had no money to invest in that much books. But then I was graced just two years ago at the Hartford Comic Con.  After doing some window shopping around some tables, I came across with The Walking Dead compendium 1 AND 2 for $25 each.  That was literally a steal since it’s originally priced at $60.  It was a done deal.

I didn’t have time to read them but then in the next few months, I sprained my ankle which left me bedridden for about 3 months.  So I had all the time in the world to catch up on everything including my compendiums.  After closing that last page on the 2nd compendium, I debated on whether or not I should start buying each individual issue to catch up but then I said that I would wait for the next compendium.  So after another year of waiting, it was finally released and bought it with my convenient employee discount.

So here I am, all caught up with the TV series, the comics, and anticipating for the newest installment from TellTale Games.  See you next week which I’ll be talking about the Tell Tale Games from Season 1, 2, Michonne, and for the new Season 3 that’s coming out later this year.