Review: Lifeline

Review: Lifeline

I found Lifeline as a free app of the week at the App Store when I was on my iPad. So if you missed out, it’s $.99 for Apple and Google Play.

You’re communicating with Taylor, a young scientist that was part of a journey to space, who is now the remaining survivor of his crew.

This entire game is text-based, meaning no graphics, no D-pad, or visual inventory.  Just words and your pure imagination.  Taylor can vividly describe everything that he sees, then giving you options to what he should do next.

Look for the crew or Check the flight deck
Choices to be made with Taylor on Lifeline


The most interactive thing about this game is that after you make your option, sometimes Taylor will inform you that he’ll be walking or working on something which requires you to wait. Which then you’ll be left with this message:

"Taylor is busy."
Never have I ever got so much anxiety by just reading this message.

At the beginning, he just talks to you about random things such as buying coffee or burgers, (you know, like Earthly things).  But as things get closer to the end, you are just waiting anxiously for the next message. Hoping that he’s alive.

This game gives you so much imagination and anxiety, I never thought that I would be so excited over a text-based game. Without giving much away, when you’re at the climax, you just can’t put your device down until you know what happens next.  I certainly didn’t, especially to the point where I kept texting my boyfriend, “TAYLOR NEEDS TO HURRY UP!”.

If you want to try something different that is inexpensive, then try Lifeline by 3 Minute Games.