New Year, Old Games: Dark Cloud

New Year, Old Games: Dark Cloud

Welcome to the first installment of New Year, Old Games!  In this post, we’ll be focusing on my own research on Dark Cloud.

Dark Cloud was released as a PS2 title in Japan in December 2000, then later for North America in May 2001 followed by Europe later on that year.  Its initial release did poorly with only 19k units sold, however, it sold over 800k units worldwide, proving its popularity internationally.

On GameFAQs, the overall rating for this game is about 4/5, average gameplay length is about 51 hours, but of the 3000+ people that owned the game, only about 30% completed it.

It is an action RPG, but instead of character leveling up, your weapons get upgraded. You are to upgrade your weapon to increase its durability otherwise it can be broken (in term removing it from your inventory) which then will be removed from your inventory.  To upgrade your character, it must absorb certain items to increase your HP, water meter, or defense.

You play as Toan, which has been sent out on a journey by the Fairy King to find the scattered orbs called the Atla.  You receive a magical stone called the “Atlamillia” that will help you find the Atla.  Traveling far and wide across the kingdom, you meet a couple of companions along the way.  Each of these companions have their own special ability to help you move forward throughout the game.

  • Xiao: She can help leap over gaps and her choice of weapon is a slingshot.
  • Goro: He can open locked gates and his weapon of choice are axes and hammers.
  • Ruby: She can open crystal gate locks and she uses her rings and amulets to fight.
  • Ungaga:  He can remove Black Wind from doorways and likes to carry spears.
  • Osmond: Like Xiao, he can help move over larger gaps and uses laser guns.


SnappyByte Summary:
A mixture of Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and a splash of Dragon Ball Z.  You have companions who join you on your journey to find the spirit orbs in order to defeat the evil cloud spirit that will take over the kingdom.

After watching some gameplay action on Youtube, it already gave me that Legend of Zelda feel with Toan looking very much like Link and how an item is revealed when opening a chest. (See below)

It looks fun and the mechanics look very simple so there should be no problem for me to try it out.

In addition of having Dark Cloud for PS4, PlayStation just announced that they’ll also be releasing Dark Cloud 2 for PS4 starting next week!  So now we have 2 great classics available to play on PS4.

Stay tuned for the 2nd installment of New Year, Old Games later this week.  Leave a comment below on your thoughts about Dark Cloud.