Jempanada Current Plays #1

Today’s byte will be about the games that I’m actively playing right now.  I’ll be featuring Pocket Mortys, Amateur Surgeon 3, and Lifeline.  Download links are right below this byte.

Pocket Mortys is a simplified clone of everyone’s favorite childhood game, Pokemon. You have multiple kinds of Mortys, with 3 types: rock, paper, scissors. Your Elite 4 is actually the Elite 20. Instead of gyms, you enter through portals to different worlds. The only gameplay difference is that you can craft certain items to progress the game. Either to level you up or help craft new items.  So far I’ve only got about 3 badges and 7 Mortys captured, so it’s a slow progression.

After downloading Pocket Mortys, I noticed that there was this game, Amateur Surgeon 3.  Amateur Surgeon 3 is a sequel to one of my favorite games on Adult Swim. To be honest, I’ve never finished the first game because I was stuck at the last patient. (Timing and being perfect was so hard!)  Your surgical tools are everyday tools, like a pizza cutter, salad tongs, and a car battery.  It’s a little weird, but it gets the job done.

Lifeline is currently a free app on the App Store for iOS. It a text based game where you help a stranded student who is the remaining survivor of a space trip gone wrong.  He tells you his current situation and you help make a decision. It’s like choose your own adventure but interactive because you would wait for his messages to send out to you.

Download them here: