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#02 – I get why y’all hate the word “influencer” now

Hello my wonderful Bodega fam!

I’m currently on an off-site work trip in Seattle, and it’s a great opportunity to meet all my coworkers in one place since we’re all in different locations.

Lots of activities, bonding, eating, and drinking is happening this week but some of us are still working hard cus now that we’re all one in place, we can all actually have sit-down meetings, have one-on-ones with each other, and just discuss important matters instead of organizing the right time to discuss.

Here’s a lil view of where I’m staying ^_^

That’s my work update, but I have some thoughts that are relevant to all you streamers.

I finally watched Hulu’s Fyre Festival documentary and NOW I can see why everyone hates and cringe the word “Influencer” or even “Positivity”.

It’s unfortunately most of the fakeness surrounding it. I might get shit for this, but because the word “influencer” is associated with Instagram personalities or YouTubers, you can easily point and call out their aesthetics. Everything looks fabricated, and the consumers FEED into that shit. So I get WHY some of you live streamers don’t want to associate yourselves with that word, because GAMERS aren’t like that. 

There’s a segment that shows that millennials are so narcissistic, and attached to their phones. It’s pretty sad to see how we’re a generation that grew up along with technology and are easily influenced by what other people are doing or they’ll get the case of FOMO.

But Jem, aren’t you a millennial?

Yes, I am a millennial, but I think I’m one of the good eggs.  I fucking LOVE social media and the power of it, but if Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram would literally shut down tomorrow, I would be ok. I won’t be crying to the ground because I would never rely on one platform to “build my brand.”

My goal (and it should be everyone else’s goal) is to bring DIVERSITY to your brand. If you think about your favorite content creator, they all either have merch, a book, a podcast, a YouTube channel, and so much more. They bring their brand’s value in all forms of media and that is the pathway to success.

Speaking of bringing some diversity to your brand, I *HIGHLY* recommend reading Ashnichrist’s Build Your Dream Stream ebook. She teaches you how to grow your live stream from 0 to 100 viewers and then beyond.

It’s a $27 ebook with 42 pages, but it’s totally worth the cost as you gain so much knowledge on how you can improve yourself as a live streamer and to be a better entrepreneur. It’s real easy to read, and if you’re already at a consistent stage of your stream, you can skip some chapters, but it’s still good to refresh your knowledge of the basics by reading the whole thing.

Consider using my affiliate link as I’ll also earn a little commission from it. So you get to help support not just Ashni, but me as well! I appreciate it a lot and purchase your copy of Ashnichrist’s Build Your Dream Stream ebook here!

Next week is the release of the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, ReMind, and I definitely need to stream it the following weekend. Very excited to get back into it and to fail miserably in front of all of you.

Until next time, I’ll see ya, later!



She is a community and customer service manager for a gaming publisher in New York City. She started her gaming journey as a Twitch streamer in 2016 and studied SEO, marketing, and community management to break into the gaming industry.

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