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Jempanada 2.0

Hello there, friend! Welcome to Jempanada 2.0! It’s a bit bare bones, because I am rebuilding the website. Which means that if you were here looking for my old posts, they’re gone… for now. All my previous posts will have a fresh new update and it will take some time for me to fix everything …

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#07 – G4TV IS BACK?!

I’m still reeling about this news. If you have no idea what G4TV is, basically this was the TV network that introduced me to E3, internet memes, and all pop culture news. See the teaser below: My reaction is just pure bliss. I'm like internally sobbing. Y'all, if it wasn't for G4, I wouldn't have …

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How To Get Emotes In Your Twitch Channel Using BTTV MAOR EMOTES

Updated in February 20, 2020 DISCLAIMER: Some links below are affiliate links. When you click on them and purchase a product that I recommend, I’ll earn a small commission. Thanks for your support! Ever wonder how some Twitch users have emotes but they aren’t Partnered? Or they’re Affiliated but they have more than 3?  That’s …